Friday, May 6, 2011

A prom story.

Once upon a time a boy named Carter decided he would ask a girl to prom. Though he was recently 16, and a novice at the whole dating scene, he did know you couldn't just go up and ask a girl but had to do it with a little flair. After enlisting the help of his mom (who has a serious problem of always thinking in puns) and a talented Grandma (who is always willing and able to turn his mom's cheesiness into something cool), a plan was hatched. Carter and his mom made sure to pick a night where the girl would be away from home, and arranged to go and plaster packages of Extra sticks of gum all over her room. Then, they put the cool poster (see above) on a post just inside the door to her room.

Inside one of the packs of gum was this tiny picture of Carter, aka the 'Gum Bandit'.

A couple of days later, Carter was summoned to the office during school. He was very surprised to be greeted by a police officer who said he needed to talk to Carter about a warrant that had been issued for his arrest. Carter was literally in shock. The only thing he could think he'd maybe done wrong was drive the car without a learner's permit while his parents were in it with him. Yes. He is a rebel. The police man proceeded to hand him a typed document. He was relieved to see that it was actually a very clever answer from his prom date referencing his 'gum bandit' stunt.

The only arrest that took place that day was Carter's near cardiac arrest!

Several weeks later, after much planning, tux shopping, and anticipation, the big night arrived. Carter's cousin Jeff was in the group, and the 2 handsome, young men were willing to pose for some pictures in their tuxes prior to picking up their dates.

The days events included: surprising their dates at 9 am for breakfast, picking the girls up later for a trip to the carnival and out for ice cream, then later taking the glammed up ladies out for a nice dinner and to the dance.

Carter and his date Moriah.

Yes, both of their last names happen to be Christensen, but they are not related.
The whole group.

Just the ladies:
Moriah, Ali, Victoria, Ashlyn, Terin

Just the guys:
Jeff, Jared, Zach, Carter, Callen

How does a group of ten get around? A retired retirement home bus, of course. Decorate it with mini white lights, balloons, streamers, and stars; set up a mini-buffet table complete with gift baskets full of their favorite snacks and drinks; enlist the cool BYU student home for the summer as the chauffeur; and you've got the ultimate in fun prom date transportation!

The boys only regret was decorating the wheel chair lift with balloons. They wish they had used it to lower themselves and their dates at the door of the prom, complete with some dry ice smoke. Hey, there's always next year.

The End.


Karin said...

Love the story, love the creativity, love his date's dress and love him!

Jan Hawkes said...

What a wonderful event. Thanks for posting the story and photos. It is fun to see all that happened. That is one amazing vehicle! Cinderella's magic coach didn't rival that set of wheels. I'm looking forward to seeing how you guys top this next year.

Lisa and Mike Marion said...

Fun! In the photo with the boys in front of the bus it is easy to spot the Christensen cousin.

Laura said...

I've been waiting for this post!! Such a fun evening from the looks of it! Thanks for posting!

Becky Noftle said...

What a cool group of guys to make prom so much fun for those girls.

Laura/Bridger said...

That is hilarious! His first arrest. I would've died if I were him. Very clever. Looks like he had a good time. I don't think I've ever seen prom transportation quite like that. Funny.